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Related post: Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 09:48:57 russian lol pix bbs EDT From: Jarrod749aol.com Subject: Quarry Hole. all teens bbs Chapter 9 Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is free ls pix bbs illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. Please write: jarrod749aol.com. I would love to hear petite teen bbs if you like my story. Quarry Hole. Chapter 9The kids were directing the fist fucking again, and young boy bbs forum had Shue work his wrist in and out. Man....two assholes performing on the end of this kid's arms. Mark said, "Dudes....we start bringin' a camera these aftanoons, anymore...we gonna hafta do this again to get pitchers. They all feigned disappointment, and said, "Awwwwwww." and laughed at themselves. Kurt, Shue and Paul....riding the ends of 3 arms.... weren't laughing. Kurt especially, as Scott directed Shuey to curl bbs rape guestbook his fingers inside Kurt, and get on with the fist fuckin'. Whutta scene! But they weren't near done. They soon were about setting up a most unique naked boy cluster. Scott choregraphed. Jerry was straddled over Shue's legs with Paul's face pulled down over his rockhard peter, "Unnnghhh!" he moaned with the first touch of Paulie's tongue swabbing his cockhead. Then Scott took Joey by the shoulders and sat him on Shue's chest, his cock in the kid's mouth. Mark took a standing position in front of Kurt's mouth, which he pronged to fullness, "Gwukkk!" right bbs free photo smartly. Scott stood back, and bumped against Graig's naked, sex bbs teen gawking form, as they both joyed in the site and sounds of and shlkk, slhluk, sucking, fisting, gwulping of the smorgasbord of boy sex before them. Scott absently had his arm over Graig's shoulder....a steely hard peter, passwords bbs nn bikini bbs and all holes filled....Quarry Hole. Chapter 9 He really didn't even think about it. He squeezed down on Graig's shoulder and neck in a 'buddy' sorta hug, more like two brothers would. youngest bbs free Then innocently it seemed, Scott put a finger to Graig's lips....and pushed through into the confused, but unprotesting kid's mouth. Graig turned to look right in Scott's eyes as Scott's other hand moved gently behind Graig's neck, smoothing, kneading, yet teenager bbs board gripping.... then Scott slipped two more fingers into the boy's mouth...Graig's eyes opened wider and seemed to bbs girls nude have a question in them now. As Scott pressed to the back of Graig's mouth and down, somewhat finger tip grazing the kid's tongue, the pinky slid in. As Scott held the back of Graig's head in his hand, he stared into bbs young Graig's now widely saucered eyes, and the ceding boy's face moved back and down, his knees bending with the pressure. Graig bbs kids model blog sighed hucking over the hand in his mouth, and slipped to his knees closing his mouth, fully sucking Scott's fingers, so deft, so imperceptibly taking charge of Graig. Scott now moved squarely in front of the kneeling bbs young girls forum boy, cradled his head as he bent it back further....with Graig's soulful stare locked to Scott's eyes, Scott's thumb crooked under his prick. He eased it under his fingers....arched forward gently feeding Graig his first cock over his tongue under cover of Scott's receding fingers. With two freebbs young hands to the kid's head now, one to the side, the other still cupped to the back, Scott pulled Graig's face fully over and back and again to asian virgin bbs accustom his tongue very slowly to the velvety smooth joy rod, the likes of which he might just be riding for days and months to come. Scott nodded as the question on the boy's upturned face turned to resolve, and he felt the first swallow push the tongue and press the cock to bbs xxx porno the roof of Graig's bbs kids sex mouth. bbs angel photos The boy's eyes closed, then opened slowly with the first curl his tongue made over Scott's dick. There was some alarm now as he non nude bbs forum actually realized that the bbs photos nude children strange sandra bbs imageboard taste in his mouth....was sperm....a boy's sperm!!! The giggling and shhluking around in the boy banned bbs porn pile behind them was not heard by either of them, so entranced were they in the making of a cocksucker! As new as Paulie and Shue were to the nature of fisting, they were both excited, and worried....could they all hurt each other? Yet, Paul's and Shue's now fully closed smallboy fists wormed 'round and 'round inside their hand puppets. Paul's knuckles turned and whirred over Shuey's hot spot one bbs barely legal time too many and cum just spewed from his rockhard peter, coating a couple of the boys around him. With nude bbs cuties Shue losing control, his fisting hand jammed up inside Kurt, making for a disorderly messy chain reaction with Kurt jerking up and off Mark's prick. Mark didn't care for the disruption of his building boyoff, and smacked Kurt's face and yanked him back on his dick. Paul likewise pulled bbs links ptsc back from Jerry's bbs pre nude teen meat, but hung on. lola bbs child acrobatic bbs beauty porn nude Shuey got knocked free of Joey's peter, but Joey just reset and rammed back through Shuey's face and frenetically pounded mouth pussy to a boy-wracking fuck shoot. Shue was so surprised by the intensity of Joey's power fuck, his lips and tongue got all confused and cum droozed out his mouth down his chin. Totally wiped, and spent, Joey cock-smacked Shuey until Shue, wheezing exasperation and yelping stopped him. bbs government measures Soon in sequence, cock after cock, peaked and blew off, with Mark filling Kurt's belly directly after throating him. Jerry was finishing his body quaking face banging of Paulie, and told Paul to open up and let Nymphs bbs him see all the spooge while he lapped his tongue around the kid's dick. Jerry looked down into Paulie's upturned mouth, and said, "Good boy...good cocksuck. Swaller it now." With Scott busy with Graig, the fisting choreography was left to Mark. He told Shue to get going and elwebbs biz cheerful models worm around inside his hand puppets and get them off from inside. Kurt and Paulie were heated to near uncontrolled tremoring, and wanted to web bbs wack to a finish, but Kurt was too scared that he wouldn't be allowed, and Paulie just wasn't thinkin' at all....his lips quivering and he looked pleadingly around and then at Kurt, and then he said..."Please...pleeeeeeese, Kurt....take me off....take bbs lsm highwaystar me off....ahl do you...pweeeeese!" The zeps bbs image page others smiled at bbs gallery tgp the torment, and just enjoyed ls bbs porn as they beat on each other's soppy pricks while Shuey worked his fist and finger diddle from inside them. The boy shot was tremendous. The amount....the distance....musta set cum shot records. They had litlle girls bbs galleries to cp videostar bbs have beat every shower room record, cocks down. Mark ordered the fisting boys bbs bikinis to start bbs nn vombat easing out of their puppets. V-e-r-y slow free teen bbs thumbs and carefully, the Paul and Shue pulled from each other and Shuey from Kurt as well. As the boys sat ls girl pic bbs off center to avoid pressure to their sore pussy lips and assholes, they pondered the sizes of Paul's and Shue's closed fists to try and comprehend what had been dorki ls bbs up inside them. Mark had Kurt lick the Shuey's hand that was up Paulie, pregnant bbs and Shuey to eat his own Paulie-hole hand, with Paul eating Shuey's Kurt-hole hand. "Le's tongue 'em up boys...le's get on it! Yuh's a gotta eat out bbs girls forum yer pussy holes too. C'mon!" Jerry, Joey and Mark stood back enjoying a self fondling art rompl bbs now that their dicks were no longer aftercum sensitive, smiling, watching Shue, Paul and sex bbs teens Kurt work themselves into a tight circle so's their tongues could swab each others tail holes. "Keep yer hands off yur pricks while you eating boys," Joey called to them, and they nodded into each other's creases. Jerry said, "Keep that goin' till we tell yuh." The three friends turned to check the scene in front of Scott now. "Speak, cocksucker!" Scott ordered. "Arr! Arrr!" Graig barked with his hands cupped under like doggie paws and up on his knees. "Good....suck now." Graig's mouth surged biancas bbs forward and engulfed Scott's meat. The others moved over to circle preeteen boys bbs them now. In rapid fire questions while Graig vacuumed his cock, Scott asked him what he was, what he liked to do best in all the world, and who's he wanna do it with? Scott pulled the boy's head off his cock, and elwebbs sun bbs said, "Well????" Elwebbs ranchi gateway "Iyam a cocksucker, sir! "I wanna suck boys the most best thing in all'a world! SIR!" he screamed when Scott's hand came up to whomp him. "I wanna suck ever' boy right here, sir!" As Jerry, Mark and Joey got right close now, cocks masting a bit, Scott just nodded and jutted his chin out at his own dick which Graig immediately sucked in and feverishly blowed the kid till he came so violently, he reached for one of the other kids' shoulders. "He hasn't learned elweb bbs emily the fine art of throat cockin' boys...how'sa about pedophile bbs porn one o' you showing him how, dudes?" Scott said, as went over to ledge and dove into dark 66 bbs the clear quarry water....last seen floating on his back, dobber flopping in and out of the ripples. The others were surprised that the tough l'il straight dude was put to meat so fast, and that family nudists bbs he didn't even get orders, just turned and knee-walked to Jerry, and settled on all fours, craning his neck to Jerry's half-staff flag of flesh....waiting to be told to get chowin'. Jerry said, "Keep yur neck back like that....take a deep breath and hold stretching your throat open, and....nnnnngggh...." and Jerry's cockhead was in the kid's throat hole...."Awkk! GwarK! Cucch! Cuchh!" nude bbspornillegal bbs Graig coughed, and each time, Jerry sank deeper, and down through Graig's throat. "Now breathe through yur nose....and swallow over my prick till you feel my insides shaking boy!" As it went, three of the boys throated Graig, and four blowed off in his mouth....but he blowed 'em all! After having him crawl after their dicks which they flopped at his face like bait, the best of all was free bbs dating his having to stand on his hands and suck off Kurt, the kid he came to the small girls bbs quarry to get blowed by in the first place! That same fucker had gripped his ankles, yanked his bbs nude pic legs wide, and screamed for Graig to biancas bbs movie video take him off there on that stone ledge, naked, upside down....spitcum droolin' down his face.... The kids were all getting reignited in their newly found cockplay. The appearance of Graig, superbrat, on his knees, chasing cock all around the pedo site bbs ledge had gotten them all dripping hard again. His pussy ass clenching and dimpling with his own rock hard dick drizzin' strings of prefuck was uniting the 7 buds like they'd been all their lives up to when Paul and Shuey went shamey, and Kurt got outta control the other day. And then, the horny models bbs young l'il fucker had even been upside down gawking spit, cum, snot, and cock. Not realizing what they were thinking, the young dudes, free model bbs play-rubbin' their dicks as they watched the young cockhound, panting before them looking up with hanging tongue and puppy dog eyes....they bbs ped kiddy had them a fuckin' cock slave!! Mark's mind started to runnin' ahead to the next day, when they had the other kid lined up from the cafeteria....and his brother....for a cocksuck at the quarry.... What if...? Mark sure wasn't alone....Kurt's experience young virgins biz bbs in boycock service had let him form visions of Graig-play. Back from his swim, Scott also was seeing the kids from tomorrow's agenda...and others they might put in service to their horny boy pleasers. As it turned out, Graig was right in front of Scott right then while he was bucking and pumpin' his cock like a madman, his fantasy becoming real in his hand....he grabbed Graig's hair and pulled freepics bbs the kid's face over his nearly shooting prick and bent the little fucker over backward as he lost it in a rage of buttflexing rut-banging of that bbs childtop pretty boy face....."Gwulkkkk....ucchh.... accgghhh....uhhhhuh....awwwwkkk!!" Graig choked and nudist girl bbs spluttered as he took the feed fuck from Scott. Needless to say, when Scott dropped to the ledge exhausted and Graig slumped to his side, his legs and feet bent cgi teen bbs under him, Graig got no recovery.... the other boys were dragging his amateur bbs nude rock-scraped tail backwards, and then to his knees in a suckboy circle where he took 'em all off one more time....his head being yanked from boy-to-boy-to-boy over and over for a few mouth pumps at a time, till he was totally fucked up, droolin' and not knowing where the next dick was comin' from. Hol-eeee this was crazy....they couldn't stop fuckin' this kid's face!!! Horny fuckers! Half of them ended up shooting off in his face 'cause they didn't have his mouth when they blowed off. Ready to hit elwebbs freedom the trail for home, and for at least the next few minutes, able to move and think without stuffin' their dick into something, they threw Graig over the ledge into the boy sites bbs water and followed him in...splashing all around and getting cooled off and clean again. They played a short chicken game, and then exhaustedly pulled themselves up to the ledge for drying off and heading home. In a surprise to Kurt, Paul and Shuey...they were allowed to get fully dressed for the trek out of the quarry...because the boys had themselves a full-fledged cockhound boyslave who would sate all their power japanese child model bbs needs...for the moment. Shue and Paul even helped poor Kurt get the butt plug back in his asshole so he wouldn't get shit from his brother. They were directed to bring some lubey slick the next bbs kingdom day. Scott yanked Graig's boxers out of his hands as he started to dress. "You walk home nekked dude...." and kicking his sneaks away from him when he reached for them...saying, "No shoes, neider." "C'mere cuntboy," Mark called, kicking at the pile of backpacks he had to carry, including his own. Throw 'em over your shoulders asswipe, we gotta git movin'. Looking from face evie model bbs to face, he covered his dick and chest with bbs kds ls his hands, japan sexy girl bbs shaming up now that he was the only naked boy among them. With no help in the offing, he bent to pick up pack after pack, and was being tickled and swatted with cutoff branches. He was ducking and cringing and trying to get the packs on his back and shoulders, and then when he started to walk in the middle of the group, they put him on his toes and hands. Then Jerry dropped his pants, mooning his face and Joey said, "Gitcher tongue up his shitter, faggot....yur dinner's ready." In a shock, or at least surprise to all of them, Graig got right down there, packs slipping alexx yoda bbs and sliding off his shoulders and down his arms as he ape crawled, his hands up around Jerry's berkhoff bbs thighs for balance, and stuffed his face right up Jerry's smile as they walked...and he even let them see his tongue burrow in there when they asked with no hesitation. Jerry was getting horny-nuts all over again, "You can't believe how this feels, man...his fuckin' tongue's....mannnnn....up my FUCKIN' ASS!!!! "Ahmena hafta get off vombat bbs pictures by the time we get to the road. Omigod! UHHHH! NOW!!" and Jerry spun around uk schoolgirls bbs off Graig's tongue, and shoved his drizzlin' prick through Graig's lips, grabbed his ears and rammed his boy fucker in and out, shooting wad after wad, crying and screaming from the joy of it all....shivers up and down his back and inside his thighs....his toes curling under in his sneaks....omigod!!!! "I needed to fuck'is face...oh, man, oh fuck, OH naked girl index bbs FUCK!!!!" Jerry slipped to his knees gasping, still holding onto Graig's ears....Graig was hunched over on his knees under the pressure of Jerry's hands pulling down on him. The other kids free lolta bbs model were hot as firecrackers...again, having watched their bud get off another elwebbs links feed-fuck.....standing around the two boys on the ground, rubbing their fly fronts. "C'mon, you assholes, getta move on!" yelled Scott, as he took off up the trail...'we're prak'ly to the road." They were coming to the road!??! Graig hadn't even thought about being in public....and his tongue absently lapped his upper lip ukraine bbs of Jerryjam as he switched into slo-motion and a full mind run, 'I'm out bbs naked little girls here in the open...naked...sucking boy cock and ass!!' His whole pedo russian bbs body chicken-skinned as he girls nude bbs shivered. Noticing the japanese board bbs teen daze he was in, he was kicked, whipped at with 3 branch switches, and told to get crawlin'. He came out of it, and started to do the rest of the trail on all fours, and behind him, cum-shattered Jerry dragged his butt up, zippered his hog, and caught up with the rest. None of the kids knew where he lived...didn't care neither...but they did know he'd be naked gettin' there tonight. Kurt came up to Paul and Shuey with arm over each shoulder, and said, "Ya know...you guys...you should have Graig's ass first...sorta like yur boy cocksuck for the night, or this weekend...ya know?" Shue and Paulie just smiled into Kurt's face at the thought...glowed....and got hard! Mark and Joey closed on them and said, "Hey, yeh, man. The fucker's gonna be our boy....and who better to start off his gir bbs life on his knees than with you guys....wit' all the shit you been takin, eh?" the lovely teen bbs As they got to the end of the trail at the main road, they let Graig get up and walk while they just 3d young girls bbs jabber-taunted at him child bbs fucking and butt kicked at him or swatted at him with the branch switches. Kurt's brother John was in his rumbling truck on his way home from his job, and he saw the bbs pedophilia group of kids on the sidewalk way ahead. Graig walked in the middle of the kids but had to be jerking his dick the whole time. Before Kurt broke off for home, they all took their own packs, and made Graig lay on his back, russian bbs love toes 100 nn bbs up in the air in the middle of the sidewalk in all his nakeds, jerk off to a cum and eat his spooge there quaking and trembling on the ground. It was sooooo.... "Tell us l'il fag. Close yur eyes. Tell us how you love jackin in'a street and eatin' yur jazz!" Joey barked. "I...um...uh...lik....um...jerk...cock....ummm...licking bbs galleries kids cums....unnngh!" All was quiet. He opened his eyes...the kids were gone! He was all alone on the sidewalk, legs in the air, cum all over him, naked...quivering in aftercum....a jizz-sopped finger in his mouth...his tongue stopped at mid-lick....the rumbling engine was approaching....Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to jarrod749aol.comNegative or positive comments welcome.
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